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Get Free21 Unconventional Niches Ebook Free.You either already know or will soon find out that the key to building niche sites with AdSense is niche selection. If you are just starting out with the program, you might be tempted to go after the “High CPC Keywords”, the ones like “Mesothelioma Lawyers Houston” or “Cash for Annuity Payments” that promise CPCs of $75.66 and $49.81 respectively. The problem with this approach is that the search volume for such keywords is typically incredibly low, the competition is fierce, and rarely will you receive the exact published CPC figures. I’ve been building niche sites for quite some time, AdSense in particular, and I have found that certain niches convert much better with AdSense then others. This report is a culmination of the many niches I have tested in the past, and what is presented here is only the niches that I have seen make a decent income with AdSense.


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