3G SIM Only Deals 2018

A Sim only deal offers you with a lot of texts, data and minutes like a standard contract.With this plan, you will not get a smartphone but only the sim card included.It allows you to save a good amount of money and can also have a shorter contract from 1 to 12 months only.It is really beneficial for you if you have a smartphone and you only want data, minutes and SMS.

3G SIM Only Deals

Pros Of a 3 Sim Only Deal:

  • This Plan Offers you a better value because you don’t have to purchase the phone.SIM Only Offers also enable you to get the free data, mins, and texts.This plan is great for the people who already have a phone.
  • SIM only contracts are perfect for those who have a plan to get a new smartphone because it offers shorter contracts.It is available on 1 to 12 months rolling plan.
  • If you have the money to buy the new phone then it has also a good offer for you.It gives you the freedom of choice.

Why Choose 3 SIM Only Deal?

  • It comes with 4G with no additional cost.If you don’t own a 4G supported device then you can use the 3G in the same cost.
  • It provides free abroad roaming.you can use your data, free mins, texts outside the country as well.3 SIM Only Deal Supports 60 countries.
  • It has tethering enabled which allows you to share the internet with your friends.Tethering is included in the advanced monthly plan.
  • 3G SIM Only Deal provides us with the unlimited data with a blazing fast speed.
  • It also offers unlimited monthly text messages.
  • With Its free InTouch App you can do free WIFI calling.
  • It Allows you to call on VoLTE.The Voice Quality is really good in this App.

Can I get a SIM Only Contract for my device?

All the SIM card sizes are also available for all the smartphones.The only thing you need to check is that your smart device is not locked.If your device is locked to a network 1st you have to unlock the device.

Is Data Only SIM are Available For WIFI Device, Dongle, And Tablet?

Data Only Plans are Ideal for WIFI devices, dongles, and tablets.These Offers come with data only.Text and minutes are only available mobile devices.

SIM Types Offered by 3G Data Only SIM:

The 3G Data Only SIM are available as standard SIM, Micro SIM, Trio SIM and Nano SIM.You can get and use any of these Sims according to your device requirement.


The 3G SIM Only Offers Trio Sim.This Sim can be used by Any type of mobile device.This is the best plan if you don’t have a smartphone and still, you want to have the SIM.The 3G SIM only offers just 1P per megabyte, 2p per text and 3p per minute.you can also turn money card(credit card) into an add-on providing you a bundle of a texts, minutes and data.

it also provides 3000 texts, unlimited data and 500 minutes just for 25.You can also use your existing number and can convert to the 3G Data Only SIM.The 3G SIM only offers unlimited data with no speed restriction.You can also use these unlimited data abroad because it provides free roaming services.Go Binge is also included in this package.3G Data Only SIM provides you with free WIFI services in London Underground.You can use the free plan while you are traveling in London underground.