6 Weeks FACEBOOK ADS Training

Download Weeks FACEBOOK ADS Training Video Tutorials. Facebook is tying in with third-party data providers, which means that you can target buyers of certain products, income levels and many other factors. In the coming modules you’ll learn about these Partner Categories. Before you had to pay these third-party data providers for email lists, now it’s part of Facebook.

6 Weeks FACEBOOK ADS Training


In this video we are going to discuss why Facebook Ads is one of the most exciting places you can be to grow
your business.
1. It’s extremely targeted.
If you look at the gray box you can see just how targeted you can get, from where they live, to gender, to age,
to their likes. Never before in advertising have we been able to get so specific when targeting an audience.
You can reach groups that weren’t possible to reach before like your competitors customers, fans of popular
brands, people who shop at specific store and people who are ready to buy.

Start Seeing Facebook As An Advertiser
Once you know your goal, your next task is to browse Facebook and look at it as an advertiser. Click on the ads to see what is out there. As you do this ask yourself:
1. What ads do you see when you log in
2. What headlines, images and text are they using?
3. Where do the ads take you?  Are you still on Facebook? Does it take you to an external site? Are they trying to make a direct sale or is it an opt-in page? Do they have a video sales letter or a text based sales letter?
4. Would YOU buy something from them?
5. What can you learn from the ads on Facebook that will help you be more effective when it is time for you
to build your campaigns? Don’t do anything else in Social Secrets until you have done this action step. Watch the video again if you need to, but make sure you complete the action.

Download 6 Weeks FACEBOOK ADS Training Video Tutorials

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