About Crooks and Liars

Crooks and Liars is a website that provides information on online scams. The website includes a blog section that discusses various online scams, including the latest scams that have been reported.

The blog section of Crooks and Liars is updated regularly to provide readers with the latest scam news and information. In addition, the blog section features helpful tips on how to avoid being scammed and how to report a scam if you become a victim.

If you have ever been the victim of an online scam, or know someone who has, be sure to check out Crooks and Liars for all the latest scam news and information.

What are the most common Crooks and Liars?

Crooks and liars can generally be classified into two categories: those who deceive others for personal gain, and those who lie to cover up their own mistakes. Here are four of the most common types of Crooks and Liars: the con man, the liar, the cheat, and the thief.

How do I avoid being scammed?

There are many things you can do to protect yourself from scams, including being aware of common scams and being smart about online resources. Here are a few tips:

-Know the red flags: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Beware of offers that seem too good to be true, such as free shipping, discounts on products you don’t need, or promises of easy money.

-Be suspicious of unsolicited emails and phone calls: Never give out personal information (such as your bank account number or Social Security number) to someone you don’t know well. If you’re unsure whether an email or phone call is genuine, contact the sender using a trusted method, such as the contact information provided in the email or on the company’s website.

-Check the company’s credentials: Before you invest in anything, do a quick online search to see if the company has been in business for long and whether it has a good reputation. Look for reviews from other customers and check the BBB rating.

-Don’t send money or goods without getting confirmation: When you receive an offer that sounds too good to be true, always ask for proof


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