Affiliate Marketing Guide For Mini Sites With Video Course

We are giving you a complete guide for affiliate marketing for mini websites with a PSD guide and full training video.Jay has yet another avenue to tell you about so that you can start making money with some of these underground niches. That is through the use of affiliate mlm sites. Now, this is no surprise because this is what most p Ôé¼ ople think of when it comes to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers often buit these little mini sites to promote physical products and/or information product . Ts. Perhaps you may use sites SUCH as these to promote products via Amazon or (-lick Bank.If you do it right, this is a great way to get sorlle love from the search engines This will allow you to crank out some affiliate income from v 1 Amazon, or you canmonetize these niches via CPA, create Google Adsense revenues, etc. Jay created a Holiday mini-site that gets tons of free traffic thanks to Yahoo and Bing. Googledoesn’t love this site so much, bit he gets lots of free clicks and tons of free traffic to this little mini-site from Yahoo and Bing alone. This generates hundreds ofdollars of Amazon affiliate income. A scteenshot of this site is shown above. It is called’Christmas Yard Decorations.

Download Guide For Mini Sites

Download Affiliate Marketing Guide For Mini Sites


Download Affiliate Marketing For Mini Sites Full Video Course