App Cloner Apk Download Free For Android

App Cloner Apk Free Download For Android


With the help of App Cloner, you can very easily create and also install multiple copies of your existing Android applications. All the Cloned applications run in the parallel and also work individually with their original applications. They will not get any automatic updates so that you can easily keep and also run a stable version beside the original application. You can Download App Cloner Free from the link given below.

Cloning can also be very useful to concurrently use of multiple logins in applications like Facebook, Skype, and Twitter but the extremely fun starts when you messing around with an application. This amazing application also offers you a huge number of options to tweak the new application copy, aside from changing name and icon of the application.

App Cloner Apk

App Cloner Apk Features:

  • It includes the Facebook Messenger cloning.
  • It also includes the WhatsApp cloning.
  • You can also replace all the launcher icons.
  • You can also create the multiple applications clones.
  • You can also clone the watch applications or also watch faces.
  • You can also save or also share all the cloned applications.
  • You can also remove the launcher icon or also all the widgets.
  • It also prevents all your applications backups.
  • It also allows all the applications to be installed on the SD-card.
  • You can also disable all the applications as the defaults.
  • You can also disable the autostart.
  • You can also exclude the applications from the recent.
  • It also includes the rotation lock.
  • It also removes all the app permissions.

Free App Cloner Apk Download