Bitcoin Charts Script Free

Bitcoin Charts Script Free is an elegant one-page website that displays various charts related to bitcoin.Bitcoin is the worldwide payment system, and is 1st decentralized digital currency.So Bitcoin Charts Script is really a good option to display the bitcoin charts to know the trends etc.It has easy Adsense integration.

Download Bitcoin Charts Script Free

Pros Of Bitcoin Charts Script Free:

  • 9 Charts
  • Json Cache
  • Modern Design
  • Easy Adsense integration
  • Easy Bitcoin Donations

Chart Types in Bitcoin Charts Script Free:

  • Mining Hash Rate
  • Mining Difficulty
  • Mining Revenue
  • Transaction Fees in USD
  • Cost per Transaction
  • Total Bitcoin in circulation
  • Bitcoin Market Value
  • Bitcoin Market Cap
  • Bitcoin Trade Volume

Server Requirements For Bitcoin Charts Script:

  • CURL installed & Enabled
  • PHP 5+

Download Bitcoin Charts Script Free

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