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A Free Portable SEO tool free download. Top 10 Blog Comment is a software application that is designed to increase the traffic on your website. The program does not need any installation in your PC; simply you can download it and unpack it. Run the program and it is now in executable form. The setup requires internet connection, without internet it will not be work. It is portable and does not make any changes in your computer without your permission. The simple and intuitive user-interface attracts the more users and so a novice user can also get benefits from its capabilities. There is a description on the main window to understand the features of the program.

The tool enables you to identify the websites that consists of comment forms and based on a series of user defined keywords. You can enter the keyword in the dedicated box and delete duplicates. You can also sort them alphabetically before proceeding to next step. The program helps you to identify the websites that are containing comment form or not.

The latest version of the tool is namely as Top 10 Blog Comment 1.0. This version contains all the features that can easily understand by the user.

Top 10 Blog Comment Software

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