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Basically, Blogging & social networking is completely linked in the sense that both include some features and certain properties of one another. Both are intended for creating a wide step as far as multimedia interaction is involved. Though it is true that the blogs can be managed & kept very private, the main objective of them is to reach out to a number of people, to have a mechanism to tell your view.
Another connection is that both these concepts have existed in the cyberspace for almost a decade now, but in the beginning stages, both were rather exclusive of one another. Only in the modern times have they been merged & their similarity in the motives truly recognized. Blogging is actually done to channel your thoughts out on to an online journal. You also need other people to read what you have written.

Blogging Basics Guide

In this way, you go about coming in touch with the people from all over the world who you wouldn’t have otherwise known. Related is the function of the social networking. The chances of getting an audience at such a platform are high.
The origination of the ‘blog’ term is quite interesting. It was originally called a ‘weblog’ meaning a log or a diary or a journal that helps you to record your ideas on a day to day basis. In that thought, it was rather in its first stages and didn’t turn into an instrument for propaganda instantly. This term was later shortened to blog & this is when free blogging services like Blogger became much famous.

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