Broken Link Finder

Download Broken Link Finder and start finding broken backlinks. A broken backlink campaign is one of the awesome whitehat and secure ways of finding great links to push your site up the SE results. Broken backlink finder tool will crawl any specified sites looking for links that are denoting to web pages that no lasting exist or domains that have expired. You can then communicate the site owners asking if they would like to swap the broken link for a link to your related site.

What are broken links?

Broken links are site hyperlinks that don’t discover their picked site target. For instance, a link on that focuses to rather than would be a broken link as does not exist. Another case would be if a site on was indicating On the off chance that missingWebPage.html has been expelled by Google then this would bring about a 404 mistake and another broken link.

Broken Link Finder

Why should I use this free tool?

We as a whole know links control your site up the internet searcher rankings and its extremely enticing to break the Google website admin rules and purchase links or spam links. However this can exceptionally unsafe and may get your site delisted on Google. So in case you’re searching for a genuine whitehat hazard free method for getting backlinks to your site a broken link building effort is an incredible alternative. This apparatus can likewise be utilized for examination or review individually site as well.

How does a broken link campaign work?

When you locate a broken link on a site that you like the look of you just email the site proprietor and advise them that they have an issue and that you have some applicable substance to supplant this link. You won’t generally get a decent new gleaming link however after some time you will get great outcomes and whats more imperative is these sorts of links are protected, you haven’t conflicted with the Google website admin rules in at any rate.

How does it work?

You have two alternatives in broken link checker. Right off the bat you can enter a solitary site or rundown of sites that you need to slither and attempt and find broken links on. Or, on the other hand also you can enter your watchwords you’re attempting to rank for and the product will snatch the same number of sites positioning for those pursuit terms as you need and after that slither those. Identifying these links to expel without anyone else site can be an extremely tedious process, let this free programming do everything for you by examining your site and producing your report in minutes.

Download Broken Link Finder

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