Download Digicel FlipBook 6.94 Free Application

Get Digicel FlipBook 6.94 Free Application

Digicel FlipBook 6.94 is the latest small and powerful graphics tool that can be used for professional animations. It can works fast available with balanced and well-managed user interface, provides you the quick access to workspace and animation tools.

The application has ability to produce traditional frame-by-frame animations. You can perform numerous function with this light-weight graphics tool. Bulk of new features were added in this tool that enables users to change a single color over multiple frames in a single operation. This is all-in-one tool and perfect one for creating animations. With this simple application program users easily shoot pencil test drawings by just clicking on the capture icon and start capturing images quickly.

Features of Digicel FlipBook 6.94

  • You can create animation with pen tools and draw directly.
  • It allows users to shoot pencil test drawings.
  • User Interface is attractive and well-managed.
  • Allow scanning of pencil drawings.
  • Added latest 2D and 3D drawing tools.
  • Add visual effects animations.
  • it can supports all popular and old operating systems.
  • Supports 2D and 3D animation creation with stop animations.

System Requirements:

Operating Systems: win 95, win 98, win 2000, win XP, win Vista, win 7, win 8, win 8.1 and win 10
Installed Memory (RAM): 256 MB
File Name: FlipBookPro.EXE
File Size: 10 MB
Current Version: 6.94

Download Digicel FlipBook 6.94 Free Application