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Directory Monitor Software can simply monitor selected directories or network shares for file changes, modifications, deletions and new files that were added. This program can alert you with a balloon tip from the system tray whenever a file action is detected. For each monitored folder you can also choose to execute a custom command for each monitored folder. There is an additional option where you can exclude specific file types from the monitor and export to text log file.

Additional Features

Real-time notifications

Get notified within milliseconds of file modifications, renames, deletions, new files, file access and inactivity on your file system or network shares.

  • You can monitor local directories or network shares including hidden or private shares.
  • You have many options to detect all files in subdirectories and changes to file attributes.
  • Balloon notifications inform you whenever an event is detected.
  • Include and exclude filter patterns per directory.
  • It has ability to capture and process over 400 change events per second.

Detect Accurately User Making Changes 

Find out which users are making changes to directories or files in near real-time.

  • It can report on the application process as well for local changes.
  • With help of this software users can be detected locally or network shares in your network.
  • Automatic configuration of the machine and directories to enable auditing.
  • Enforce the system audit policy to remain even if malicious users try to disable it

Ultimate Reliability with Snapshots

Enable snapshots to ensure changes can be detected while the network is down and even during power outages.

  • Fast snapshots of directory & file statistics.
  • Ensure you never miss any changes as well as user and process detection.

Background Windows Monitoring Service

Directory Monitor can be installed as a Windows service with multiple user configurations.

  • There is no need to be logged into the machine to continue monitoring changes.
  • Simple configuration and installation through the user interface.
  • It has extremely low memory and CPU footprint when running in the background.

Automatically Keep Your Monitoring Logs

Use text logs to store your file system change events for later inspection.

  • Output contextual information based on the event using macros.
  • Customize the output format such as CSV with only data you require.
  • It can manage log file with built-in renaming to split the log into daily or monthly copies.
  • All monitoring configurations can be a log to the same file.

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