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AdClear AdBlocker APK Free Download


AdClear is a new APK app which is a non-root ad blocker for the Android devices. There is only one version introduced yet of the app which is v7.0.0.504093 and it is totally free that was released at the end of December and is looking for feedback and help in making AdClear the best it can be. This adblocker is the reliable in the market at blocking YouTube ads, and we are the first on Android to block encrypted ads. As a great bonus, adblocker saves your battery, bandwidth & loading times for users also keeps users safe from malware-infected ads. The best part of this app is that it is free. If you want to keep advertisers out, AdClear’s here for you. So no more YouTube ads, Encrypted ads, Clickbait ads and Intrusive ads.

AdClear AdBlocker APK

AdClear AdBlocker APK Features:

  • Blocks encrypted ads.
  • Blocks ads in apps.
  • Works with Wi-Fi and cell data.
  • Selective app filtering.
  • Non-root.
  • Support for all browsers.
  • Log of blocked ads.
  • Increases loading speeds online.
  • Saves bandwidth and battery.
  • Fixed crashes on 4.X devices.

Download Free AdClear AdBlocker APK

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