Download Adobe After Effects Black Logo Intro Template Free

Get FreeAdobe After Effects Black Logo Into Template.Welcome to the Blacks Intro Template

Template designed for beginner After FX users.

This template is pretty simple to setup and can be used as movie intro.
When you open the After FX file you will see Comp 1.

There are 10 character comps. Adjust these first.
Upload 10 images of people or what ever you want to display.
Open up each character Comp 1-10 and drag in your new uploaded image.
Once you have all 10 updated. You can go back to the COMP 1 and adjust the names of those images as they appear on screen.

There are no audio files with this template.

Once you have completed your edits you are ready to render.
From your final COMP, select Composition from the top menu select Add to Render Queue. Adjust your output settings and your movies destination.


Download Adobe After Effects Black Logo Into Template Free

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