Download Alfahd Android Tools Free

Get Alfahd Android Tools Free which is available here. So Download Alfahd Android Tools Free for your android device. Alfahd Android Tools is a small tool that permits you to perform multiple tasks on your Android Device working on the Windows Computer. Here on this platform, we shared the Alfahd Android Tools latest version and Alfahd Android Tools Previous version for free.


Features of Alfahd Android Tools

Reset Data:

This feature permits you to perform the factory reset and wipe user data on your android device (which requires root).

Boot into Recovery and fast boot:

Using this Boot into Recovery and fast boot feature you can easily and simply boot your device into the Recovery & Fastboot mode via ADB. Reset by Bootloader mode and perform the factory reset.

Format by Fast boot:

Using this Format by Fast boot feature permits you to remove or format the user data from the android device.

Boot into Download Mode:

Using this Boot into Download Mode feature of Boot into Download Mode allows you to quickly boot your android device into the download mode without pressing the physical keys.

Check ADB and fast boot:

Using this Check ADB and fast boot feature allows you to check the ADB & Fastboot Modes on your Android Device.

Check Device Info:

With this Check Device Info feature, you can check the detailed information about your Android Device in a Click.

Unpattern Lock:

Using this Unpattern Lock feature allows you to remove the Pattern Lock from any Android Device in a click.

Download Alfahd Android Tools Free

Download Alfahd Android Tools Free

Alfahd Android Tools v1

Alfahd Android Tools v2