Download AllDup Software For Windows Free

Greenhat AllDup Software allows you to find duplicate files across one or more drives or folders. You can choose to match files by name,size, date, attributes and byte-by-byte content comparison. You can also option to configure a variety of settings to exclude certain file types or folders from the search. It can automatically scan the selected folders and produce a list of all duplicate files that were found.
The list of this software is organized into groups, which makes it easy to manage the results and process the files. You can multiple option to select the files that you consider to be duplicates or you can use the smart select options that allows you to automatically select files based on their date or folder location.

Download AllDup Software For Windows Free
The files which are duplicate can be processed in different ways, you can choose to move or copy them, delete them or rename them in their current location.
Some other features include

  • Export of search results
  • Custom search profiles
  • Built-in file preview
  • Support for ID3 tags and more.

Download AllDup Software For Windows Free

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