Download AS2 Connector for Windows

Download AS2 Connector for Windows provides message transfer support for RSSBus or AS2/EDI.Download AS2 Connector for Windows also provides VLM and Cross-Platform Support.

Download AS Connector For Windows


AS2 Connector for Windows is easy to use. AS2 Connector for Windows has a very simple interface.It runs on RSSBus Platform Server.We can add functions to it as cross-platform enables us to send messages or files without any fear of is really flexible to integrate with other apps.AS2 Connector for Windows is the browser-based utility. You can even arrange different occasions, to be naturally activated after accepting or communicating something specific, and just before you send a document.Every accessible administration is configurable, you can set the required parameters, the associated benefits, and make new, discretionary parameters.The organization support is encoded with a secret word and a username, guaranteeing the security of your information. The authoritative interface is constructed utilizing AJAX utilities, which guarantees quick reaction time.

Main Features Of AS2 Connector for Windows:

  • Support Message Transfer
  • Support File Transfer
  • Bowser Based
  • Flexible

AS2 Connector for Windows is free to use.we can schedule the tasks which can be automatically accomplished.

Download AS2 Connector for Windows:


[downloads url=”” size=”5.90MB” ]