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Download Bad Neighborhood Checker and get the valuable information you need about your IP address neighbors to pick if you need to move or not.

What is a Bad Neighborhood Checker?

When you have a site your domaain name needs to make plans to an IP address so your PC can associate with that IP address and load the sites substance. In the event that you have your site on shared facilitating then you will have a similar IP with serveral different sites. Somewhere in the range of 10-10000. Additionally regardless of the possibility that you don’t have shared facilitating there is a solid shot that the committed IP address will of been utilized by a site your facilitating supplier was utilizing before you utilized it for your site. How would you know these sites weren’t facilitating Malware or spammy sites that have been deindexed by Google? This is the thing that Bad Neighborhood Checker can let you know.

How Bad Neighborhood Checker works

Everytime the web crawler Bing creeps a site it recollects the IP address its facilitated on. Utilizing propelled look modifiers we can rub a rundown of sites that are having a similar IP address as your site as of now does. When we have this data we would then be able to run keeps an eye on the site to check whether you truly need to share an IP address with that site. For instance Bad Neighborhood Checker will check the site for malware, remote substance, spammy content ranch, shrouding and if its been deindexed by Google.

Why should I use Bad Neighborhood Checker?

You never know who you’re sharing an IP address with or who claimed it before you if its a fresh out of the box new site. So its constantly best to check. For instance you may of just idea you got an extraordinary arrangement on some super shabby facilitating yet so did somebody who needs to have their PBN there. So you wind up sharing an IP address with 30 PBN sites. Presently when they all get deindexed there is a solid possibility Google may choose to naturally deindex your site as well! Out of line I know, however Google is extremely “proactive” in its hostile to spam calculations nowadays. So why take the risk?

Bad Neighborhood Checker

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