Download Black Forest APK Latest Version 1.0

Download Black Forest APK Latest Version 1.0 free For Android from the downloading link. In this Black Forest Android game, you have to explore ancient ruins & temple halls & galleries, delve cold forbidding cells & battle creatures of a nightmare in 3D sword ad sorcery experience.

Download Black Forest APK Latest Version

Start by honing your blade or spellcraft traversing the Black Forest, getting lost artifacts from the sites it entertains. Then continue to the dark Siren Marsh, icy Arawn Ruins & fiery Dragon Pass. Prefer the cold steel Fighter track or the dark Sorcery track, or try both. Fresh content is constantly added & ultra-high resolution graphics take to benefit the modern devices. Multi-touch support provides simultaneous actions for energy users, like move/shoot & move/cast. Automated online/offline play is recommended, with the online game you can chat with different players & see their positions & creatures they are fighting in their games.

‘The night encompasses you in this Black Forest APK Latest Version 1.0. A lost wind from the north moans with bare trees hiding winged figures. Now the forest in which you pass falls away to a torch-lit trail. Headstones poke out of a sea of the murk like tiny islands as you request a forgotten graveyard of the wolf’s wood, an unusually wild area of Black Forest. The cool air, rusting & bending tree limbs like living things, is cloudy with a low mist and information of the musky order of Siren Marsh some extent to the north. Beyond that is the big wall, on top of which lay the icy wastes of Stock.

You move down the trail in easy hush, without a twig snap to deceive your essence. Evading the dull expressions, you adapted right on time to skim through the most profound and most tangled shrubbery as quietly as a creepy crawly on a web, your catlike walk effectively covers extraordinary separations, and your sharp faculties enable you to stalk foes from signs on the rockiest of surfaces. The brunt of your charge can paralyze your adversary into accommodation, and you can go into a destructive crazy fierceness when squeezed. With these abilities and your bare broadsword, you approach a delicate light beneath. Black Forest APK Latest Version 1.0 Supported languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Korean and Italian.


Download Black Forest APK Latest Version

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