Download Black Menu – An Extension to Access Google Services

Black Menu is an extension developed by google community to make ease of access to Google services. You can add it to your browser and be able to use Google services at any time. This menu includes a wide range of services provided by Google and you can easily access those on a single click. It has also a search bar for searching for the service of your demand quickly and smoothly. This is a very useful extension because with it you have access to all the Google services on a single platform. By clicking on your desired service it takes you to the new tab with that service if service not found in the extension it allows you to search on the web and provide the best google results in a new tab. It has a sign in an option that allows you to use multiple accounts and switch between the accounts when needed. It also supports social applications like Google+ and you can use it as the application. You can create new posts, update your links and get notified within the extension.

Download Black Menu

Black Menu has a section dedicatedly for google drive which helps you to open and generate your files quickly and accurately. This is an ultimate extension build by Google to provide all in one rapidly accessed services to its users and allows to manage the documents and multiple accounts.