Download Canada Customs Commercial Invoice Template

Canada Customs Commercial Invoice Template

Here, you can Download Canadian customs invoice template that you send a package outside the country into Canada. This the document should be attached to the package and list a description of the item in addition to its quantity, price, and weight. All taxes will be paid by the individual or business to whom the package is being sent. Downloading link is given below.

Download Canada Customs Commercial Invoice Template

How to Fill This DOC:

Step #1: Download the Form in Adobe PDF (.pdf).

Step #2: In Sections 1 thru 3, Section 1. Enter the Vendor’s Name and Address. Section 2. Date of Direct Shipment to Canada in yyyy/mm/dd format. Section 3. Include any other references such as the purchaser’s order information.

Step #3:  – Sections 4 thru 7 – Section 4. Consignee’s Name and Address. Section 5. Purchaser’s Name and Address if other than the Consignee. Section 6. Country of Transhipment. Section 7. Country of Origin of Goods.

Step #4: Sections 8 thru 10 – Section 8. Transportation: Give mode and place of direct shipment to Canada. Section 9. Conditions of Sale and Terms of Payment. Section 10. Cura currency settlement.

Step #5:  – Sections 11 thru 15 – Section 11. Section 11. Total Number (#) of Packages. Section 12. Specification of Commodities (Type of Package). Section 13. Quantity. Section 14. Unit Price ($/Unit). Section 15. Total.

Step #6: Sections 16 thru 21 –  Section 16. Total Weight Gross and Net. Section 17. Invoice Total. Section 18. If any of fields 1 to 17 are included on an attached commercial invoice, check this box. Section 19. Exporter’s Name and Address. Section 20. Originator’s Name and Address. Section 21. Agency Ruling.

Step #7: Sections 22 thru 25 – Section 22. If fields 23 to 25 are not applicable, check this box. Section 23. Calculate 23(i) + 23(ii) + 23(iii). Section 24. Calculate 24(i) + 24(ii) + 24(iii) Section 25. Check 25(i) and 25(ii) if applicable.