Download Computer Repair Service Invoice Template

Download Computer Repair Service Invoice Template

Here, You can Download the computer repair invoice template and create an individual bill for servicing any type of defect, virus, software malfunction, or hardware damage. The invoice should document any parts used for the repair in addition to the number of hours spent working on the computer.

How to Write in Adobe PDF and Word:

Download Computer Repair Service Invoice Template

Step #1: Firstly, Download Adobe PDF (.pdf) File and Microsoft Word (.doc) File.

Step #2: In Header Section, you can Enter the company or business name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number.

Step #3: In Client Information Section you can Client name, number, date prepared, W/O, S/N, model, TAG, and who prepared the invoice.

Step #4: Then You can enter Your product more information, repaired, exchanged, upgraded, returned and not repaired.

Step #5:  In Summary Section of repairs you can enter unit was reloaded, optical drive, heatsink, touchpad, LCD, AC adapter, system board, CPU, mouse, hinge, hard drive, RAM memory, keyboard, fan, or any other type of service or repair.

Step #6: In Invoice calculations of SKU description, and the line-item total. Calculate the subtotal without any taxes and add to get the grand total. The invoice is complete and should include any notes from the technician.

How to Make in Microsoft Excel:

Download Computer Repair Service Invoice Template

Step #1: Firstly, Download Microsoft Excel (.xls) File.

Step #2: In Header Section, you can enter your company name and slogan.

Step #3: In Invoice Section, Enter the date, due date for payment, and the invoice number.

Step #4: Now, Enter the Customer and Computer Info Fill-in the customer name, company, street address, city, state, and zip code. On the right-side also input the computer make, model, serial number, adapter, battery, recovery CD and any other details.

Step #5: Job Performed there you can Enter the labor (labor) hours, rate, and the total amount.

Step #6: In Parts Section, Enter the part number (#), name, quantity, cost (unit price), and calculate the line item total.

Step #7: Calculate the subtotal, add any sales tax (), total labor, total parts, and get the total receivable for the invoice.