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Download Damn NFO Viewer:

Opening files that contain ASCII art is a task that Windows can do by default, but there are some specialized tools that offer a bit more to anyone who is interested. Damn NFO Viewer is a tiny application that can lend you a hand when trying to open a document like, NFO, DIZ, or TXT files. Many users rely on notepad to address this problem. But this particular software solution offer some extra features.Damn NFO Viewer Sample Image

Light weight and easy to use:

The installation process doesn’t pose major problem and take very little of your time. The application has simple interface and a basic setting menu that enables you to configure a couple of options to make it even easier to use. Further more, Damn NFO Viewer is that it has a customizable appearance, so you can change some visual setting to make it a bit more appealing. In addition, this utility sports shell integration and has Unicode support, as well as three words wrapping modes and smart breaking.

In conclusion:

to cut the long story short, Damn NFO Viewer is tiny tool that does exactly what its name name suggest: helps you view NFO files that contain ASCII art and other type of information. The application definitely worth a try in case notepad is not exactly what you are looking for. Be sure to give its little but powerful program a go..

Download Damn NFO Viewer For Windows:

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