Download Easy Amazon Tool

Download Easy Amazon Tool that helps you to find Amazon products that have people hunting for reviews for them but have 0 competition on the search engines. Choose a category & Easy Amazon will review every item in it to see if people are searching for reviews for that Amazon product then it checks if anyone is ranking for reviews around this product.

Easy Amazon Tool

What is Easy Amazon?

Easy Amazon enables you to discover things and items sold on Amazon that have zero survey rivalry on Google. On the off chance that you are an individual from the Amazon associate program this instrument can truly help your movement and bonuses.

How does Easy Amazon work?

When you enter your Amazon classification Easy Amazon will creep each page scratching every one of the things and items. For each thing it will check if individuals are hunting down audits on Google utilizing the Google recommend API. On the off chance that individuals are hunting down audits for the picked item/thing then easy Amazon will send the pursuit inquiry of “item name + survey”. For each outcome that is returned for this hunt question Easy Amazon checks in the event that they are advancing Amazon items. This enables you to discover items and things that have actually zero compition on Google for thing/item audits.

Why should I use Easy Amazon?

Easy Amazon can spare you truly hours, even days of Amazon item/thing watchword look into. How frequently have you seen an incredible thing in your specialty you’d get a kick out of the chance to audit just to see that Google is full brimming with profoundly focused on comes about for surveys for that thing/item.

Download Easy Amazon Tool Free

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