Download eMule 0.50a Free

eMule 0.50a Download Free

One of the most permanent platform for peer to peer file sharing clients all over the globe. It is an open source project that helps all the contributors to contribute on this excellent program by sharing any files easily. Download eMule 0.50a Free

Multiple server networks are being created to make only one reliable connection. This can be also used as testphase the emule is able to use kad. The tool has a rating program that helps the system to upload some prominent files on the system to get confirm that all the users should get any file which they want from our file sharing network.


  • The eMule uses ED2K, Source Exchange, Kad networks.
  • This file sharing tool is freeware to use without any adware or spyware.
  • Corrupt files are being check on regular basis to ensure that there should be no error.
  • Allows multiple downloading of files at the same time.

Download eMule 0.50a Free

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