Download EncryptOnClick for Windows

Download EncryptOnClick for Windows enables us to decrypt or encrypt any kind of file or a complete folder.Download EncryptOnClick for Windows uses AES algorithm(256).EncryptOnClick for Windows is the perfect application to provide protection to our files.Its interface is really tiny and easy to use that contains all the features for protection.


Download EncryptOnClick For Windows

EncryptOnClick for Windows works on both individual files and folders.when we want to encrypt a file we simply need to find the file through computer directory and then encrypt.we are requires entering the password for protection.The decryption process is also the same, we need to locate the file enter the password and the decryption is done.

Key Features of EncryptOnClick for Windows:

  • Provides Encryption
  • Easy Decryption
  • Protection With Password
  • Small Interface

EncryptOnClick for Windows is really an easy to use application for encryption and decryption with minimum effort.

Download EncryptOnClick for Windows


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