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Express Files

Search for the files on internet and download them with Express Files. Express Files is a handy tool that lets you search files online and download them in fast and painless process. The application was designed to ease file searching and downloading tasks by reducing it to a few simple actions. Simply choose the file you want and click on it to download it onto your hard drive. It also offer two categories, one showing you the most popular downloads and other dedicated for latest verified downloads. If you want any file from either category all you have to do is click on Download button to get it. Once you selected a file to be downloaded a dialog box will pop up, prompting you to select a download location for the file. As soon as you select the location, the download will begin in separate window. If you want to download multiple file at once and their download windows bother you, you can hide them all using the appropriate setting in My Downloads main tab. From the same place you can easily manage all of your downloads and perform related operations, stop, pause, resume, remove, double-click to open folder location for each file.Express Files Sample Image

Express Files For Windows:

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