Download FaceBook Group Member Tagger Software Free

Get Face Book Group Member Tagger Software Free . Facebook group member tagger chrome extension. Facebook group member tagger allows you to tag thousand of group members at once. Members are tagged in comments. It is very hard to mention every group member manually. Facebook group member tagger simplifies the process of group mentioning.

How to use Facebook group member tagger?

Facebook group member tagger is extremely simple to use.

  1. Download and install Facebook group member tagger from chrome web store
  2. Log in into your Facebook account
  3. Navigate to
  4. Start Facebook Social Toolkit
  5. Navigate to a Facebook group and create a new group post
  6. Click on the timeline link of the group post
  7. Click on Facebook group member tagger for starting group member tagger
  8. Enter the license key that you received after purchasing a premium license.
  9. Now click on auto load ID button to auto load group ID,Post ID and total number of group members or you can also enter them manually.
  10. Enter an ending member number and a custom message to add in between comments.
  11. Enter a suitable delay time of 5-10 seconds in between every comment and click on start tagging button.
  12. If you want to stop the tagging process in the middle then you can use the stop tagging button.

We have made Facebook group member tagger extremely simple to use.We recommend you to watch the video tutorial given below that explains all the steps involved in using Facebook Group Member Tagger

Download FaceBook Group Member Tagger Software Free

Download Facebook Group Tagger

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