Download FirePanel Vista Free

FirePanel Vista Free Download

A special extension designed to be integrated with windows vista and Longhorn server. When you install it automatically integrates with the firewall of your system and gives you additional features that are not available with your normal windows firewall system. By using firepannel vista gives you don’t have to either install a new firewall system which may slow your system but in fact your built in firewall is used with the advanced features. You can manage your inbound and out bound activities with this firewall panel. Run a troubleshoot system to configure all your network problems occurring. Download FirePanel Vista Free


  • Set boundaries, get reports for all your firewall activity, check logs all this from one window control panel.
  • Set permissions for which app should get the network access.
  • Gives IPv4 and IPv6 Support.
  • Can run with Windows Vista x86 and x64, and Longhorn Server Read.
  • All your system will be protected with full security.

Download FirePanel Vista Free

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