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Get Free Fiverr Case Study Ebook In PDF Format.There is another place that you can go to start generating passive income as an underground niche marketer, and that is Fiverr is a marketplace that features people who hire out their services, services of one form or another, just for $5. People often come here for graphic jobs that they need done, like if they need a banner or some sort of header for their website. You can also come here if you need an article written, or you need some programming done, etc. You can find almost anything under the sun here offered as a service and for just $5.Some of these gigs are actually kind of crazy. If you look at the screenshot above, you will see that someone has left an ad saying “I will create a video testimonial as the plastic bag man for $5”. In any case, you can get just about anything done here and pay only $5 for it. Jay comes here all of the time in order to outsource work for his business. He is a seller on Fiverr as well.

Download Fiverr Case Study Guide

Download Fiverr Case Study Guide Full Ebook