Download Fjord Bold Font Free

A different type of font that has hot its inspiration from natural beauties of Fjords in Norway. As you can search on the fjords of Norway are amazing with the black rocks the color and texture of this font resemble those mountains, you can also see the font with the fjords in the image. Download Fjord Bold Font Free

In the making of this font the font was firstly written with a black thick brush on the sheet of glass so there is a liquid type look in it and also resembles the black rocks and water. This premium font is free to download at greenhatworld otherwise the font is a paid font.


  • 500 characters latin eytended + cyrillic.
  • The type of this font is handwritten.
  • Best for large display and using in posters.
  • The font is made form hard brush and paint on the glass.
  • Inspired by the fjords of Norway and also resembles them.

Download Fjord Bold Font Free

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