Download Free BTC Transaction Accelerator

With the increase of bitcoin, thousands of transactions are being sent/day. Many transactions get doubtful in an unconfirmed state for many days, weeks & sometimes even longer. Particularly if they are sent with the low fees. Together with main Bitcoin Pools, We at FreeBTCAccelerator giving the free bitcoin transaction acceleration service for your ease and help. Yes, now improve the chance of confirming your bitcoin transaction globally within one hour. Due to the majority transactions & frequent congestions some of the BTC Transaction has not been achieved or even confirmed yet but now you can easily boost up your transaction & get the result as immediately as possible. No Requirement to Sign up or Sign In, You just require submitting your delayed Transaction ID. For the Free Services, your request will be in the que of the next block we mine. It is really hard to give an opinion of when the next block is going to be mined.

Free BTC Accelerator pushes your Transaction to our BTC Partner pools free which ultimately improve your chance of confirming BTC transaction as soon as possible.

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