Download Free Green Hat World Traffic Bot Software

Get Free Green hat World Free Traffic Bot.This marvelous Green Hat World Traffic bot works same as there is a human who is operating the navigation. It means, for every new page navigation this bot takes a new IP (Internet Protocol) from the VPN (Virtual Private Network). This bot tool also generates real organic traffic that can be recognized in the Google analyzing tool named Google Analytics.

Some of the very useful features of this BOT are:

  • It is possible for you to select the Google region of your own will.
  • You can select the amount of traffic daily
  • You can change the IP automatically by using the CMD (Command line) in VPN. That is the most flexible feature to have.
  • You can clear all cookies if you have any feel any kind of threat.
  • This bot uses a new user agentrandomly.
  • This bot tool will automatically detect different multi-links on your web site and will automatically navigate to multiple random pages accordingly.
  • It will provide different scroll and waiting time on the page.

Step by Step Guideline for this BOT tool:

  • Open the directory and go for Pro VPN.exe file. Use your credentials (Login username and password) to get a login.
  • Now go for the option Professional Traffic BOT but not for Auto.exe.
  • Now complete the following information
  1. The name of your website (Your Website)
  2. Your required keywords (Your Keyword)
  3. Google regional URL (e.g.
  4. of repetitions, for example, 1000
  5. Waiting time until next navigation, for example, 20 for 20 seconds
  • After providing all of the above information, please press the green triangular button and that will run the tool.


Download Free Green Hat World Traffic Bot Software




For Password Comment.




Note :Some antivirus see these applications as suspicious.
because these bots using automatically function INET


Password = luck