Download Go Screen Organizer Free

Get Free Go Screen Organizer Giveaway. Organize your computer’s screens by visual screens you can make up to 80 screens on your computer’s screen. Never minimize or abort any application, all you need to do is select any screen from multiple screens. Go Screen Organizer boost your working speed and gives a very decent interface. All the programs and working applications will be hidden from task bars and menus but right in the back waiting for you.

Download free edition.

Version 14.0 is not available as a free edition.

Free edition has limited set of features – exactly the same as expired shareware edition, and also never reminds you that it “has expired”. You should never register it and may use it as is, indefinitely.

What exactly is missing:

  • goScreen has 4 screen pages only;
  • there is no keyboard hot keys, and no mouse shortcuts;
  • there is no application window management rules;
  • it is impossible to export or import configuration settings, or transfer them from one page to another.

download setup_free_goScreen.exe (self-extracting ZIP archive, 4.10MB, version
To install goScreen, run setup_free_goScreen.exe, select Install, and follow the instructions.

System requirements.

Any version of Microsoft® Windows from Windows NT to Windows 10, mouse or any other pointing device, 6MB of disk space.

GoScreen itself does not consume a lot of computer resources. It helps you work with other applications trying to remain as unobtrusive as possible. Still, in order to be able to run a number (10, or 20, or 100?) of other applications at once your computer should be powerful enough.

Please note, this release does not support Windows 95, 98 and ME. If you need a build that runs on one of these operating systems, please contact me.


Download Go Screen OrganizerFree