Download Greenify Donate Latest Version Android Apk

Greenify Donate Latest Version Android ApkĀ 

Greenify Donate app main and important function is to hibernate any installed apps on your mobile, this enable users to quell overlay active apps that are draining their battery without having to delete them. It can be done with or without ROOT. The Greenify donation has some extra experimental features that the free version not offer, they require ROOT and the Xposed module to be installed. Greenify even offers battery savings to non ROOT devices. Greenify especially use to prevent your mobile from lagging and leeching the battery in a unique way.
Automated Hibernation 4.1 +
For the user of Non-Root Mode, it can automatically hibernate minutes after the screen goes off, light up the screen and perform the hibernation function and then turn off the screen.
Requires: Android 4.1 +, Accessibility, Device Admin and Insecure Key-Guard.

Download Greenify Donate Latest Version Android Apk

-Boost Mode
-Allow almost all system apps to be greenified in Greenify
-Allow GCM push message to wake hibernated apps requires Xposed
-Keep notifications from removal upon hibernation, so you will never miss notifications of greenified apps
-Wake-up Tracker cut off the wake up path to eliminate further wake-ups requires Xposed
-Block App State Abuse ( some apps exploit a vulnerability of Android before 4.3 to gain unfair priority to keep in low-memory situation requires Xposed

How to Use it?
Step 1: Remove any previous version of Greenify and Donation Package first!!!
Step 2: Install Greenify APK
Step 3:
-Open Xposed Installer
-Select greenify inside modules tab
-Open framework tab then press install/update & reboot.

Download Greenify Donate Latest Versions Android Apk