Download Hostess 4.1 Free

Get Hostess 4.1 Free. An efficient host file software that is not like other file hosting tools you can also block ads to your ip address using this, all your host entries are stored in a database that has been completely indexed to avoid making that helps you to make your search fast and rapid.

Hostess is a free utility for maintaining your Hosts file. To learn more about using the Hosts file and how it works, please see the Links section below for some sites with great information. The documentation included with Hostess can give you a general overview of how the Hosts file works as well.

There is the possibility of undesirable and sometimes difficult to troubleshoot effects on your Internet and network connectivity. The documentation included with Hostess gives only a basic overview of how the HOSTS file works. Better sources of such information can be found by doing a web search for ‘HOSTS file’. Hostess has been designed to make things easy for the experienced HOSTS jockey, someone that wants a fine degree of control over what goes into (and stays out of) their HOSTS file.

Download Hostess 4.1 Free

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