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Get Instant Video Articles for free. If you are very bored from the old articles styles then don,t need to be worry just use Instant Video Articles software into stunning, cutting edge, profit-pulling videos with few clicks of the mouse. The interesting thing is that anybody can easily make video articles. You don,t to be a computer geek in order to use this software. With some cut & paste, you can produce amazing videos of articles. Add your URLs of the videos, create an unlimited number of slides, add background and music easily, change slide duration by seconds and covert your video into five different formats ( .AVI .MOV .FLV .MP4 .SWF).

This is very inexpensive software that will convert your articles into videos within a few minutes by creating slides that can have background music. After creating the slides you simply upload your video within IVA to YouTube.
Create slide shows without showing your face or using your voice. 
Many people are shy or don’t want themselves to appear on video. IVA allows you to create great looking videos that will generate traffic from video sharing sites.
No technical expertise required
If you’re familiar with MS Word you’ll be able to master IVA because it uses an editor that works in a similar way.
Import your own content
Most online marketers already have content created from articles, blog posts, emails, etc. This enables you to create video articles within a few minutes because you can just copy and paste your content into the software.
How I converted an existing article into a video
1. Create slides
After installing the software I opened up the program (start-all programs-instant video articles). The interface enables you to create a new project. You can create new slides either by typing your content directly into the window using the editor or copy and paste content you’ve already written.
Since I have many articles already written I chose to copy and paste several paragraphs into the first slide.
2. Format content 
The built in editor works similar to MS Word. You can adjust the font size, style, bold. italic, underline, use bullets and align your text.
3. Add background color and music
The software enables you to easily add a background color, sound and images. It already provides many sound files you can use as an introduction to your video or you can easily import your own sound file stored on your computer.
4. Adjust slide order
You can easily change the order of your slides after completing the slide show. Here are the different options:
Add Slide – Add Slide for your video.
Copy Slide – Copies the slide that you choose.
Delete Slide – Deletes the slide that you choose.
Delete All Slide – Deletes all slides.
Move Up Slide – Moves the slide one up notch.
Move Down Slide – Moves the slide one down notch.
5. Save your project
After completing your slide show it’s a good idea to save it so you’ll have a backup copy or in case you wish to edit it later on . You simply load the slide show in the software and it will appear on the screen.
6. Create the video
Click the “create video” button at the top of the window to create your video. There are 5 types of video format that you can choose for your video:
Audio Video Interlace (avi)
MPEG-4 (mp4)
Flash Video File (flv)
Shockwave Flash (swf)
Apple quicktime movie (.mov)
I recommend saving your video as MPEG-4. It provides the best quality videos for viewing on YouTube.
7. Upload your video to YouTube
Click the upload button at the top of the software window to upload your video to YouTube. You’ll need to create a YouTube account if you don’t already have one otherwise simply enter your account information to connect with it.
I suggest saving your completed video to the “my videos” folder within your computer’s “documents folder” so you can submit it to other video sharing websites.

Instant Video Articles

Download Instant Video Articles Software Free