Download Jetico Personal Firewall for Windows

Download Jetico Personal Firewall for Windows is used to prevent malicious software from damaging the computer by monitoring the connections.Download Jetico Personal Firewall for Windows also monitors permission settings.

Download Jetico Personal Firewall For Windows

Nowadays malware can spread in our computers in many ways.hackers try to connect to our computers by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of our internet connection.Jetico Personal Firewall for Windows is a lightweight application that is used to prevent all of these.after its simple installation we are provided with a guide to explore its settings.Reboot is needed to make the settings work.Moreover, at whatever point an outsider application endeavors to associate with the Internet or to the system, a notification window will be shown and you can indicate whether you need to permit the application to interface or not.In the expansion, you can investigate all the at present running projects, break down their properties and end all that you don’t perceive. You can even duplicate the content string and glue inside another document on the off chance that you need to completely inspect the information at a later time.

Key Features Of Jetico Personal Firewall for Windows:

  • Monitor On Going Connections
  • Manage Application Settings
  • Keep Away Harmful Softwares
  • Connect to trusted networks

Jetico Personal Firewall for Windows keeps your computer safe from network and internet threats.

Download Jetico Personal Firewall for Windows

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