Download Latest version of SQLBackupAndFTP Software Free

Download Latest version of SQLBackupAndFTP Software Swtyp which allows you to plan backup of your SQL Server or SQL Server Express databases. The backup can be done on a zip file, on a network or FTP server. It also allows to remove automatically the ancient backups and send e-mail which confirms the success or failure of the operation. Moreover, the program is entirely free and must be installed on the server.

You can easily download a free version of SQL Backup And FTP which is a best Sql Database Backup Software, 1-minute configuration & your daily backups are secure in the cloud. What the SQL Backup And FTP does In summary, the Sql Database Backup Software creates SQL Server database backups (Diff, Full, Tran log) on any schedule Compresses & encrypts backups Sends backups to a local, HDD drive, network folder, FTP Server, Google Drive,  Amazon S3, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive. Free version is fully functional for the unlimited ad hoc backups or for scheduled backups of up to 2 databases – it’ll be enough for many small clients. Main SQL backup form – it’s all you require From the beginning I was surprised that it was instantly clear how the Sql Database Backup Software works & I was able to configure a SQL backup job from a single form in just a minute. Here is the simple steps you should follow:

Connect to your SQL server & choose databases to be backed up Click “Add backup destination” to configure where the backups should go to ( local, HDD drive, FTP Server, network folder,  Dropbox, Google Drive,   Amazon S3, Box, SkyDrive). So Latest version of SQLBackupAndFTP Software and secure your Sql Database.

Download Latest Version Of SQLBackupAndFTP

Download Latest version of SQLBackupAndFTP Software

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