Download Link Monitor

Download Link Monitor Free and start automating the tasks of checking if your backlinks have been changed/deleted or new ones have been placed on specified web pages.

How does Link Monitor work?

Once your site URL and the URL of pages where your backlinks exist have been added to Link Monitor you can check the status of each and every link to your site with the snap of a solitary catch. At the point when that solitary catch is clicked Link Monitor will download the HTML for each page and check your links. You can even calendar checks to consequently check for you at set circumstances or interims. Any extraordinary sorts of warning are incorporated, for example, plate inflatables, sound notices and URL loads.

Link Monitor

Why should I use Link Monitor?

Cloud based administrations, for example, ahrefs and MOZ will check your sites backlink profile however they won’t check every day. So in the event that you’ve obtained a decent costly intense link and the website admin unintentionally expels it you may not be told by these cloud crawlers for quite a long time and by then this change could of harmed your sites rankings. Link Monitor can check at regular intervals. Also the cost reserve funds! Link Monitor is 100 free.

  • Missing links to your website
  • New links to your website
  • Changed links to your website (nofollow and many others)
  • Outbound link increases/decreases on pages


Download Link Monitor

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