Download LogonExpert For Windows Free

Get LogonExpert For Windows Free from here. So Download LogonExpert For Windows Free for PC. LogonExpert is an auto-logon tool for the PC & corporate servers, which can secure the auto login method by storing the logon credentials AES-256 encrypted. LogonExpert can guarantee a user will be logged on automatically on Windows startup with the scheduled logon task or by means of a specific command line utility that can be used locally, remotely and through a script.

Features of LogonExpert For Windows

  • Windows Auto-logon
  • Secured automatic logon
  • Multi-user logon with command line
  • Advanced command line control
  • Locking computer after logon
  • Scheduled logon and logoff
  • Windows Safe Mode support

Download LogonExpert For Windows Free

In extension to logon tasks, LogonExpert has a built in scheduler that enables you to set up logoff tasks. Choices to stir the computer up after a scheduled logon & put it to sleep after a scheduled logoff are also possible.

The included command line utility can support system administrators configure primary LogonExpert settings & execute custom logon/logoff/lock/re-logon synopsis network wide. It has provision for command line multi-user auto login.

If we see overall, LogonExpert is a secure way to automatic logon. It stores your logon data encrypted with an AES 256 algorithm. It can directly interact with WinLogon to make sure that no other application can intercept logon data.

Download LogonExpert For Windows Free

LogonExpert 7.1.3 For Windows