Download Lumosity Brain Training Lifetime Subscription APK

Lumosity Brain Training Lifetime Subscription APK

Lumosity is a superb app that’s very capable, train your memory and attention used 70 million people worldwide. Lumosity application is designed by neuroscientists to train memory, attention and much more other functions. According to the study of neuro-plasticity lumosity game are used in research and have incorporated into studies done by scientists worldwide.

Lumoisty can be used to
-Improve your brain performance with scientific games
-Improve your memory and attention
-Build healthy habits for a brighter brain

Download Lumosity Lifetime Subscription APK Latest Free

Inside this app you have to complete different tests to check your brain capability and skills, the first test to get your baseline scores in 3 games, enjoy daily workouts that challenge 5 core cognitive abilities. You can also track your scores and get insights into your training. In this latest version the makers made some background improvements to make sure your training program runs smoothly.

Technical Details:

File Name: Lumosity Brain Training Lifetime Subscription APK
File Size: 57 MB
File Type: APK
OS Support: Android

Current Version: 2.0.11215

Category: Utility-App

Download  Lumosity Brain Training Lifetime Subscription APK

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