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Get Downloader for Windows.The MegaDownload is a downloading software for megaupload which makes it easy to download files fromMEGA.CO.NZ

What do you know about MegaDownloader?

It is an authorized app?

No it’s an unofficial app by developers and does not cost you a penny absolutely Free

Is uploading possible?

Yes, you can upload files with MegaUploader!

MeagaDownloader is a very lightweight software and cover 2mb of ROM. No bundles of giant temporary are created by this software, a single .exe does not takes any installation and runs efficiently. If you want to download large files and your download discontinue after some time then MegaDownlaoder is the right option for you. It is a free software with no ads or banners disturbing you.

Download Megaupload Downloader

Download Downloader for Windows Free