Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 For Windows Free

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Free Download


Microsoft .NET is a great platform aimed to support developers to create new applications for Windows. Basically the .NET Framework is Microsoft’s comprehensive and best programming model that will help you in building apps that have visually great as user experiences, good interface and secure communication.

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 For Windows Free


The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 was released in 2010 along with Visual Studio 2010. With the help of it, you will be able to run the latest applications developed on the .Net Framework platform and it features all the imporant components to develop & run the .Net based programs on your system like libarires, utilities and other necessary elements. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 includes some new features that were not added in the previous versions like an optimized way to work with the HTML, CSS and support for multi-touch command in Windows 7 and Surface 2.0 SDK, some improvements in code debugging. The latest iteration of the .Net framework is that it improves on the current ones as it introduces some new features as well as performance improvements with the help of that both the developers & end users will get the advantage. The best improvement in this version is that the

  • Performance improvement.
  • Scalability improvement.
  • Improvement in visuals like layout pixel snapping, interoperability and text clarity etc.
  • New memory mapped file & numeric types.
  • Improvements in ADO.NET.
  • Enhancements to ASP.NET.
  • New exciting features included like query filters, richer support for Entity Framework 4, entity templates & validation.
  • Improvements in WPF.

.NET Framework 4.0 can be installed on the following operating systems which are given below:

  • Windows Server 2003 SP2.
  • Windows XP SP3.
  • Windows 7.
  • Windows Vista SP1 or later versions.
  • Windows Server 2008.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2.Supported Architectures for .Net Framework 4:
    • x86
    • x64
    • ia64 (some features not supported in ia64 for example, WPF)

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 For Windows Free

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