Download Microsoft Safety Scanner For Free

Microsoft Safety Scanner 1.0.3001.0:

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a powerful on demand security scanner from Microsoft. Find and get ride of all viruses and malware in your computer. Microsoft Security Scanner works perfectly along your existing antivirus and scans your computer in order to find all spyware, viruses and threats in the system. It is very useful program that runs on demand and removes all above mentioned threats. It is important to know that it is not replacement of your antivirus program. This program works only on-demand so you also need a software program that provides continuous protection to your PC.Microsoft Safety Scanner Sample Image

You can also download Microsoft Security Essentials if you need a program to protect your PC or Laptop from viruses, spyware and malware in real time. Remember: your Microsoft Security Scanner expires after 10 days from the date it was downloaded. If you want to run this program again you’ve to re-download it and you’ll get an updated version of this program to program to protect your PC and Laptop against the latest threats.


  • You need a computer that has a CPU clock speed of at least 500MHZ and also at least 256 MB RAM.
  • Your display should be VGA and higher or equal to 800×600.
  • You need 200MB space available in your hard drive.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner 1.0.3001.0:

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