Download Mini Militia God Mod Apk Android Free

Mini Militia God Mod Apk Android Free

Mini Militia God Mod is a One Shot death unlimited Health and Ammo, Dual-Wield version with more advanced options. As you played already many other versions, here is the God Mod Pro Pack unlocked version with many new and exciting features added.

Mini Militia God Mod Apk Android

Some main features of this mini game are as follows
-Unlimited Health
-Ammo & Grenades
-One Shot Kill Option
-No Kill Counts Enemies
-Fly Through Walls
-No Need Of Reload
-In Solo Play Mode where you can,t see the Robots

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HEALTH REGEN: 2X faster health will recharge= 1000 Points
RIFLE CLIP EXTENDER: Increase clip size for m4, m14 and ak47 by 25= 1500 Points
INCREASE ACCURACY: Improve accuracy on all bullet firing weapons by 20= 2000 Points
GRENADE +1 : carry one extra grenade= 1000 Points
GAS GRENADE: Add a gass grenade to the starting weapons= 500 Points
FASTER RELOAD: Reduce reload time for m4, m14 and ak47 by 30= 1500 Points
MASK PACK: Unlock mask pack (Hats and Glasses section of Customize) via Pro Pack= 500 Points
HANDGUN CLIP EXTENDER: Increase clip size for the uzi and desert eagle by 25= 1250 Points
MELEE +10: Increase melee attack damage by 10 damage points= 800 Points
LASER SIGHT: Put in a laser sight to pistols and rifles= 1000 Points
GOLDEN EAGLE: Spawn having a silenced desert eagle= 250 Points
BOOST INCREASE: Increase boost duration by 20= 2000 Points
BOOST REGEN: 15 faster booster will recharge= 1250 Points

During the game, many of you should have seen other players typing two characters codes called passwords, these chat codes actually produce some certain sound signals on other players device as well as code generation device. These codes of Mini Militia sent via in-game chat service provided in the several list.
Check out the meanings of these code words that were using the game

GG                      Good Game
GM                      Oh, They got me!
CB                       Come on boy
NS                       Nice shot
WP                      You wanna piece of me!
BI                         Bring it
LG                        Let’s go
RU                       Ready Up
NN                       No
CM                       Cover me
HH                       Hoo-ya
MO                      Move out
GS                      Get Some

Note: If you face any crashes during the installing of the game stop the process then restart mobile and again process the installation. 

Download Mini Militia God Mod Apk Android Free

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