Download MultiSearch Portable 0.6 for Windows

Download MultiSearch Portable 0.6 for Windows is used as a search engine.It can focus on many results at a single time.

Download MultiSearch Portable 0.6 for Windows

as its name shows don’t need any type of only need to click on the single executable file to start the process.It can be saved anywhere on the hard disk or flash drive.It doesn’t make any change to the registry files of windows.It also provides the facility to export the search result on excel file which can be used later.

Key Features of MultiSearch Portable:

  • easy to use
  • portable
  • can handle multiple results
  • act as a search engine
  • can export search result as excel file

it is easy to use the does not put any strain on system CPU, and Memory.It quickly and efficiently completes the task.It doesn’t hang or crash during the process.

Download MultiSearch Portable for Windows

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