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Norconex HTTP Collector Download

A reliable web crawler that crawls web documents and website to collect HTTP files over the internet. Download Norconex HTTP Collector

Collect the data from multiple websites and save them to your local folders or put them to search engines.


  • It also gives the support for other format documents such as HTMLs and Office documents.
  • You can adjust the crawling speed for this tool, also one can deal with embedded documents.

System requirements

  • Java
  • Internet connection

Works With:

Windows Vista  •  Windows Vista 64 bit  •  Windows 7  •  Windows 7 64 bit  •  Windows 8  •  Windows 8 64 bit  •  Windows 10  •  Windows 10 64 bit.

Download & Source:


Norconex HTTP Collector 2.6.2 / Snapshot

Download Norconex HTTP Collector

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