Download NZB 360 App For Android APK Free

Get NZB 360 App For Android APK Free This is a full-featured NZB manager that focuses on providing the best experience possible for controlling all of your NZB needs. It can merges all of your NZB-related needs into one beautifully designed and executed experience. It can simply and quickly switch between services without needing to getting lost in the navigation. Support of Nexus 7 with layouts designed specifically to bring easy navigation to the Nexus 7. It has snappy and fluid interface. The submit feedback feature allows you to quickly get in touch with developer for support and feature requests. It can restore all settings to/from sdcard and provide you backup. Support of SSL/TLS for all services. Supports HTTP, reverse proxies and great for users who run custom apache setups.

Download NZB 360 App For Android APK Free


  • Elegant and informative UI which brings out subtle information of your queue/history items.
  • Pause & delete items within your queue.
  • Pause for “X” time.
  • Set categories for items in queue.
  • Set priority for items in queue.
  • Reorder items in queue.
  • Rename items in queue.
  • Full status of items in history.
  • Delete items and files in history.
  • Retry failed items.
  • Innovative quick speed limit threshold set menu.
  • Pause/Resume entire queue.
  • Add NZB by file or url.
  • Associates with NZB files.
  • Adjustable UI refresh rate.
  • Wake On Lan (WOL) Support.
  • Restart SABnzbd support.
  • Clear history.

CouchPotato Features:

  • Beautiful, XBMC-inspired interface for all Movie content.
  • Add new movies.
  • Edit movies.
  • “Wanted, Available, Manage, and History” views.
  • “Available” tab lets you quickly see which movies have releases available to download.
  • Force release search.
  • View movie details (plot, runtime, Directors, Actors, etc).
  • Force search for all wanted movies.
  • Force renamer scan to run.
  • Add from official IMDb app.
  • View IMDb inline for each movie.

Sick Beard Features:

  • Beautiful, XBMC-inspired interface for all TV Show content.
  • Add new shows. .
  • Edit show qualities.
  • Airing Soon view informs you know when all of your shows air next.
  • Missed view allows you to see any shows that Sick Beard has not yet snatched, with the ability to quickly search for those episodes.

History View

  • Multiple view layouts for shows.
  • Elegant and easy to use episode manager, which utilizes batching functionality to quickly and easily manage all of your episode content.
  • Quick searches for individual episodes.
  • Clear/trim history.

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OS Support:  Android

Download NZB 360 App For Android APK Free