Download PDF Shell Tools Free

Download Free PDF Shell Tools 


Here we go with the great tool which allows the right-click on the PDF files. So Download PDF Shell Tools Free now and get this amazing feature which will help you a lot. PDF-ShellTools blends into the Windows right-click menu & adds functionality to divide and blend PDF files, as well as an info tip show that presents PDF file information in tooltip on the mouseover. The tool adds an extra properties page to the default Properties dialog that enables you to view & edit the PDF information like author-title etc. & also includes various context menu choices for the PDF files. You can divide a PDF file into single pages, extract particular pages & also merge the multiple docs, or parts of them like you can merge document A page 3, page 6 of the document B & so on into a newly created PDF file that only includes the pages you elected. The tool offers different split rules that enable you to customize the method. PDF-ShellTools also includes the PDF-Anonymizer tool to clear the metadata information included in the PDF files.

PDF Shell Tools

Download PDF Shell Tools Free

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